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Diversity Health and Healing,
a web-based resource on beliefs about which health care providers should be aware,
dissertation content and research done in cooperation with Pepperdine University
and Stanford University School of Medicine, Geriatric Education Center
Berkeley High School, class of 1962,
OMG, it's almost 50 years... bios, Yellow Jacket Newspapers, programs,
& other scanned docs from the class of '62
and before Berkeley High 1962,
Jefferson Elementary School, 1956,
when BHS '62 graduate from Jefferson.
And if I get around to it, Garfield Junior High (now Martin Luther Middle School), class of 1959
Family History Notes, Geneology ...
Interesting family and always interested in more info
Favorite old photos, family, purchased, collected from who knows where. Anyone you recognize?
More coming soon....