[D]...Berkeley High School 1962 biography questionnaires ...[D]


Spring 1962

..Winter 1962

DaBenedictis, John A.

...Delizo, Jaunita

...Douglas, Marjorie Alice

...Davis, Cordie O.

Daley, John T

...Delwiche, Norman

...Downey, Robert

...Davis, Eddie

Danow, James F

...Deon, Noveline E.

...Drescher, William (Bill)

...Davis, Tom J.

Darnall, Philip

...DeVaughns, Lloyd L.

...Drop, Mary Ann

...Dawson, Kipp

Davis, Frank W.

...Devlin, Dan

...Dubois, Bob

...Dempsey, Bevelyn

Davis, Jane C.

...Dial, Margaret

...Duckett, Bill

...Dent, Nikki A.

Davis, Russell

...Dill, Marjorie F.

...Duker, Martha

...Drake, Robert E.

Davis, William

...Dixon, Tidal

...Dumas, Judy Gwendolyn

...Durantini, John J.

Dawson, Andrew W

...Dobkowitz, Diane

...Dunbar, Mary A.

De Vries, Michael

...Dohrmann, Diane Louise

...Dunlap, Laura Elizabeth

...Friends of the class of 1962

deLanerolle, Vasantha

...Domino, Betty

...Duran, Sylvia **

....Deston, Pamela

deLara, Margaret Theresa

...Dong, Doug

...Dykes, Brenda Jeanette

Name and address Margaret (Peggy) [de Lara] Doll
Conroe, TX 77384
Spouse and number of years married: Jack, 25 years
Children: Three daughters, three grandchildren
Colleges attended:
Present occupation: Retired from Federal government since 1999
Favorite teacher: Homeroom teacher
Favorite class: dance
Favorite song: Anything Ray Charles
Event particularly remember: Graduation
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: Business. Became a program analyst, then computer technician (fixed computers), worked for the Federal government until I retired early in December of 1999 at 55
Tell us about the years since you graduated: I have two daughters and a stepdaughter. My daughters and I left California in 1978 to Washington where I met my present husband. We married in Honolulu, Hawaii in 1982 where we lived for three years. Moved back to Washington until we retired, then moved to Maui for a couple of years. We met great friends in Maui and stay in touch via e-mail. We decided to move to the big state of Texas because our oldest daughter lives here with her hubby. Anna came in 2006 with her daughter Amanda, age fourteen. My husband has a daughter too so we actually have three daughters. My hubby and I are antique collectors and enjoy the hunt. I knit and crochet, and enjoy making jewelry for family and friends. We fix and restore old antiques, and sometimes sell on eBay. We are loving retirement and the freedom to do what ever.
Phone number:
E-mail address: jacpeg[at]consolidated.net
Name and address Pamela [Deston] Brooks
Walnut Creek, CA 94598
Spouse and number of years married:
Children: None
Colleges attended: San Francisco state university, B.A. and MA; Cal state Hayward, secondary teaching credential
Present occupation:
Favorite teacher: Dr. Haynes, music (moved away in jr or senior year)
Favorite class: Orchestra and choir
Favorite song:
Event particularly remember: Assemblies - performances, "Bye Bye Birdie"
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: Professional singer, and that's what I did. Featured with numerous symphony orchestras, well the years solo, one woman shows, also with cruise ships for fourteen years
Tell us about the years since you graduated: Also started my voice studio and have been teaching still. Have a CD "Pamela Brooks" Ltd. Ed.
Phone number: 925 937 9375
E-mail address: