[E & F]...Berkeley High School 1962 biography questionnaires ...[E & F]

Spring 1962

.....Fatt, Lois E.

Eagle, Steven F.

.... Feiger, Alan

.... Winter 1962

.... Fox, Robert W.

Eaglin, Oze

.... Fermin, Delores

.... Eddings, Dorothy

.... Franklin, Joann

Earl, Joyce

.... Fingado, John

.... Edwards, Catherine

.... Freitas, Marjean F.

Eastman, Darlene

.... Finlayson, Catherine

.... Ellis, Lee

.... Fujita, Kenneth

Edwards, Johnny

.... Fisher, Brenda

.... Enfield, Deidre E

.... Fung, Theodora

Eggling ,Edward L.

.... Fitch, Shelly A.

.... Enkema, Neil

Ehrhardt, Elisabeth

.... Flick, Larry

.... Espino, Lupis S

.... Friends of the class of 1962

Ehrlich, Barry

.... Foley, William (Bill) R.

.... Evans, Gayle

...Alcutt, JoAnn [Franklin] BHS 1961

Ellison, Bonnie L.

.... Fontenrose, Robert

.... Faulkner, Patricia C

Ellman, Margaret

.... Foor, Peter B.

.... Ferguson, Barbara

Ely, Janina

.... Foort, Heather

.... Figone, Rachel

Endow, Hideko

.... Fortier, Jacqueline A.

.... Finch, L. Kathryn

English, Mike E.

.... Franks, Jeanine M.

.... Finch, Richard D.

Etingen, Tomar

.... Franz, Anneva

.... Finn, Paula J.

Evans, Esther L.

.... Frazier, Collin

.... Florida, Jr., Alvin

Evans, Sue

.... Frazier, Curtis L.

.... Fong, Beverly

Fabun, Dave

.... Freeman, Theresa C.

.... Fong, Gary

Falt, Dick L.

.... Fretwell, Jacqueline

.... Force, Jaqueline E.

Farr, Steven J.

.... Frey, Pamela C.

.... Foss, Delores

Name and address: Ed Eggling
Molalla, OR
Spouse and number of years married: Sue, 38 years
Children: Two sons and one granddaughter
Colleges attended: Several, graduated from Cal State Hayward, B.A. in history; Master's in Sales Management
Present occupation: Several, including realtor
Favorite teacher:
Favorite class:
Favorite song:
Event particularly remember:
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take:;Tell us about the years since you graduated: Here is the short and sweet on the past 44 years since graduation. I started out at Humboldt State in northern California. Lasted one year. Transferred to Diablo Valley College. Stayed two years. Transferred to Cal Berkeley. Lost 2S deferment and joined the Marine Corps Reserves. Came back to UC Berkeley. Too much political turmoil. People's Park and tear gas pumped into various buildings, got married and transferred to Cal State Hayward and graduated with a BA in History.
After graduation I spent three years at JC Penney's in their management training program. Too many hours with too little pay. Spent the next two months learning that selling life insurance was not for me. Worked as an auto mechanic for the next three months and then went to work for Harberts Sporting Goods on Shattuck for five months. The next three years I worked for Shaklee Corporation as a store manager and inventory analyst. Along the way I went back to school and earned a master's in sales management.
The next 9 years I worked for Hilti Fastening Systems, an international tool and fastener company, in the Bay Area. I started out in inside sales, then to outside territory sales, and then was transferred to southern California as an area manager. After 9 years, I resigned and started my own structural inspection business, building it to 23 employees. After 2-1/2 years, Hilti called and asked me to return. So I sold the business and took over the largest region for Hilti in the U.S. I was promoted to regional manager and part of my responsibility was developing the seismic anchoring program in California. I was in the Bay Area meeting with structural engineers when the Loma Prieta earthquake occurred. A year later I was asked to transfer to Portland, Oregon to solve a management problem they had there. Since I wanted to get out of southern California it was an easy decision. I had sales people in Oregon, Washington, California, Utah and Colorado. This is when I started accumulating air miles. After two years of being asked to take a position in Tulsa, Oklahoma to move to the next level of responsibility and telling them NO! (who wants to live in Tulsa?) I left Hilti and took the position of vice president sales and marketing for division of Australian National Industries. They manufacture, remanufacturer, and repair rock crushers. These machines crush 1800 tons of rock per hour. I had distributors all over North America and South America. More air miles. Due to some illegal activities by the president of my division, I resigned and went to work as director of sales for Hot Off The Press, the craft book publisher. I developed the overseas markets in Australia, England, Germany and Canada, built up the domestic market and accumulated over 1 million air miles on United Airlines and over 500,000 on other airlines. In 2004, after five years of trouble and 165 days on the road the last year, I resigned and started a career as a real estate broker.
I'm now home each night, and my wife Sue and I celebrated 38 years of marriage in 2007. We have two sons who have graduated from the University of Oregon and one granddaughter who will also be a Duck. I've been involved with boy scouts for over 24 years as we Webelos leader, Cub master, and Scoutmaster. I coached both of my sons through Little League and soccer. In my spare time my wife and I have rebuilt and or remodeled 18 homes that we have lived in. Now you know why I decided to go into real estate. When Sue retires in 1-1/2 years, we are planning on an extended trip back to Australia to tour the whole continent. We're quite familiar with the East Coast but never got to the center, north, for west coasts. We now live on 5-1/2 acres across from the Molalla River with 3-1/2 acres of overgrown Christmas trees (30 to 35 ft. tall) in our latest remodel project. Our sons have given as 3-5 before we move on again but I am working at a slower pace because I do not want to move again for 10 years.
Phone number: 503 310 8978
E-mail address: edeggling[at]molalla.net
Name and address: Lois [Fatt] White
Northern California, 75 miles east of Redding
Spouse and number of years married: Married 37 years
Colleges attended:
Present occupation:
Favorite teacher:
Favorite class:
Favorite song:
Event particularly remember:
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: Tell us about the years since you graduated: I haven't been to Berkeley since my father died ten years ago but I do think about some of the kids we went to school with. Actually, I ran into a read Ballard's and and stars and about fourteen years ago when I was working at a local state park and they were visitors. My husband and I have been married 37 years and we live in a small town 75 miles east of Redding California. It's beautiful country, lots of trees, streams and lakes. I really don't know if we could ever make it in the big city again!!
Phone number:
E-mail address: Whiteoak144[at]frontiernet.net
Name and address: Barbara [Ferguson] Burgess
Albany, CA 94706
Spouse and number of years married:
Children: Two children and six grandchildren
Colleges attended:
Present occupation: Retired from Chevron
Favorite teacher:
Favorite class:
Favorite song:
Event particularly remember:
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take:
Tell us about the years since you graduated:
Phone number: 510 527 2587
E-mail address: Buba8gronds[at]aol.com
Name and address: Kate [Finlayson] Reed
Danville, CA
Spouse and number of years married: Marshall, Married 40 years
Children: Two daughters and two grandchildren
Colleges attended: Pomona College, BA; San Jose State University, MA ; University of Virginia, Ph.D.
Present occupation: Professor of Education
Favorite teacher: Mr. Ehlers
Favorite class: Physics with Mr. Nielsen (or was it Nelson?)
Favorite song: Moon river
Event particularly remember: The Limelighters errors performance that was recorded; the Smothers Brother's assembly in our 10th grade year
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: Teaching and I'm teaching
Tell us about the years since you graduated: It's taken me all this time to embrace the fundamental laws of karma - "no deposits! No return." Along the way I've found the answer. It's "42"! Silliness aside these years have been spent focused on family, friends, education, and trouble we've moved many times do to Marshal's work in the geothermal energy. After two decades in north Virginia, we're glad to be back in California
Phone number: 925 831 0338
E-mail address: CF5reed[at]sbcglobal.net
Name and address: JoAnn [Franklin] Alcutt
Richmond, CA 94804
Spouse and number of years married: Floyd, Married 43 years
Children: Two children and one grandchild
Colleges attended: Oakland City College
Present occupation: Retired
Favorite teacher: Mrs. Hayden
Favorite class: gym
Favorite song: Earth Angel
Event particularly remember: Assemblies and cheerleaders, football games
What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: Keypunch operator, production control manager for Grove Valve And Regulator Company
Tell us about the years since you graduated: I have had a Blessed Life and a wonderful family
Phone number: (510)-234-5258
E-mail address: jfcutt[at]aol.com

Name and address: Jeanine [Franks] Wood

Spouse and number of years married:

Children: Two daughters, two grandchildren

Colleges attended: Meritt, Chabot, Alameda, Laney, and University of Minnesota

Present occupation: Retired

Favorite teacher:

Favorite class: History

Favorite song: Up On The Roof by the drifters

Event particularly remember:

What job path did you think you would take and what path did you take: I thought I'd become a criminal attorney and judge. Path taken: claims investigator for the Southern Pacific Railroad and NOL Steamship Company

Tell us about the years since you graduated:

Phone number: 510 208-3538

E-mail address: rontfrowo[at]pacbell.net