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Each religion page has a section with the following headings:
  • General Beliefs
  • Illness andDisability
  • Disease
  • Healing Practices
  • Food and Health
  • Death and Dying
  • Holy Days
  • Miscellaneous information
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For information related to the world distribution of religious sects see:
For full or partial texts of many religious books see:
For additional general religious information see:
Connect through hyperlinks to general information about religious groups. The headings are hyperlinked at the top of each religion page.
Every individual, regardless of specific group religious influences, has their own individual belief system. A person accepts and rejects the beliefs around him or her and in doing so creates his or her individuality. Users of this program are reminded that the information here is based on generalities and therefore no single person is likely to fit the all the information of one religious group. We live in a fast paced world, where religious influences and ideas are exchanged at lightening speed through the internet, world travel, and other influences of exchange. This information is provided in the hopes that by understanding each other, healthcare can be improved for all, communication will improve, and differences can be respected or tolerated through understanding rather than dominance.
The religious groups are based on patient populations served by the sponsoring organization, On Lok of San Francisco. You may suggest additional religious groups through feedback in the usability survey or by emailing bdnapier[at]earthlink.net
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