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The web-based survey is temporarily disabled. Please send information to Dr. Napier via email. Thank you.
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We want your feedback. Each page of this site has the webmaster's email address to give you easy access to sending feedback. This page provides another opportunity to send feedback through email. Please consider the following questions:
1. Was this site useful to help provide information quickly and easily?
2. Do you have any corrections or additions? Please send them in your email.
3. Is there content or topics that you would like to see added?
Send your response to Dr. Bonnie Napier, webmaster and data collector.
Thank you for contributing your opinion or content to help this site be useful.
The information below is the survey used in the original dissertation research when this site was developed. Data were collected over 5 months in 2001. Details of the responses are in Dr. Napier-Tibere's dissertation, The Development and Usability Testing of "Diversity, Healing and Healthcare," a Web-Based Program for Clinicians. The survey below is no longer operational and is left here for information only.
.....As you answer these questions, please be aware that we want two types of feedback:
1) the use of the program - tell us about clicking through the information and finding things, about how you move around the program, and 2) the content of the program - the diversity material. At the beginning you are asked to seek information related to three scenarios. You may find it useful to review the scenarios before answering the questions.
1. Related to using the program (not to content you felt was missing and might like added), did you locate information related to the scenarios presented (or for your own scenarios)?
Please describe what you did to locate information, where you clicked, etc.:
2. Would you return to the Diversity Program for information?
Please explain why or why not:
3. Related to using or navigating the Diversity Program, what were three useful components (for example: the use of color, grids, etc.)?
4. Related to using or navigating the Diversity Program, what did you find difficult (for examle, the use of color, grids, etc)?
5. The amount of screen explanation was adequate for performing the tasks.
6. I always knew what to do next to find my way around the Diversity Program.
What would make it easier or quicker to find information?
7. Related to content, this Diversity Program brings the cultural and religious information closer to my daily clinical practice and therefore is easier to access than similar information found in books, articles or workshops.
Please comment on the potential for you to use the Diversity program at your clinical location, when you need information for a current patient.
8. Related to content, by using information in the Diversity Program, I anticipate an improvement in my ability to deliver health care services when cultural and religious information impact the patient's care needs.
9. Related to content, what were the best or most useful parts of the content?


10. Related to content, what would you want added?
11. What was the approximate amount of time (in minutes) that you spent looking at information and navigating the Diversity Program before completing this survey:
12. Have you or do you anticipate putting this site in your browser as a 'favorite' or 'bookmark'?
13. Would you recommend that others visit this site to find information that can be used with their patients.
14. How many times have you visited this site before completing this survey?
15. Please estimate your computer and World Wide Web experience.
16. Your age:
17. Your educational level:
18. Your discipline:
19. How many years have you practiced in the discipline you selected?
20. Your gender:
21. Primary age groups of the patients you serve:
22. Please select your geographic location:
23. Please write in your ethnicity
24. Summarize your experience using this Diversity program. Are there any other comments you feel would be helpful for making this program useful to clinicians?
25. If you work within the United States and work with disadvantaged populations, please select the federally designated underserved site from the drop down menu. Information from this question is requested by the grant funding agency and is not part of the research.