Jefferson Class Photos Identification

Bless my mother for forcing me to write down the names of everyone in the pictures - most of the time. "But I'll remember them forever," I'd argue, and she'd say, "Do it anyway to appease me - someday you'll be glad you did." She was right! More will be added to hopefully complete all 6 grades - If you have one of the missing years, please let me know to arrange getting a copy of it bdnapier[at] (Bonnie Gavey Napier)- substitute the [at] for @ symbol - Thanks

"High" refers to semester of the grade. Students began school in September and January: "low" was used to describe 1st semester of a grade, "high" 2nd semester.

The following list is hyperlinked to the photo and list of names for that year:

1951 -1st grade

1953 - 3rd grade

1955 - 5th grade

1952 - 2nd grade

1954 - 4th grade

1956 - 6th grade

1951 - "High" First grade, teacher Mrs. Van Zant -----return to top of page

Row 1: Claudia Conner, Ronald Cory, Karen Apenes, Johnnie, Sharys Renyer, Eugene Nakamura, Nancy Lu Ellis, Dick MacFarland.
Row 2: Linda Fritz, Kenneth Kipp, Sandra Garrett, Gene Kappell, Mary Lou ?, Stephen Stebbins, Charlene Paris, Bill Sherry.
Row 3: Cathy ?, Louis ?, Susan ?, Steven Bogart, Ruth Hawley, Stephen Luoma, Karen Jennings, Judy Wendelen.
Row 4: Bonnie Gavey, Nettie Bresee, Nancy Juggenheimer, Mrs. Van Zandt, Ann Marie, Janice Silva, Phyllis Godfrey.


1954 - "High" Fourth Grade, teacher Miss Lehne --------return to top of page

Okay, Mother missed getting me to list the names for this year…


1955 - "High" Fifth Grade, teacher Mrs. Ford --------return to top of page

Row 1: John T., Portia Pyle, Wendell Bruce, Janice Silva, Ronnie P., Marsha B., Jerry Nicol, Charlene Paris.
Row 2: Phyllis Godfrey, Walter Talbot, Pam Stroble, Larry C., Betty Burst, Jimmy Leonard, Martha Geraci, Henry D., Sharys Renyer.
Row 3: Bill Sherry, Judy Wendelen, Bobby B., Ruth Hawley, Stephen Stebbins, Bonnie Gavey, Dick MacFarland, Joy Molden, Richard J.
Row 4: David H., Marjorie Leghten, Rick M., Sandra Garrett, Mrs. Ford, Eugene Nakamura, Marilyn Gander, Ronnie Hearn.


1956 - "High" Sixth, teacher Miss Coleman --------return to top of page

Row 1: Ruth Hawley, Jerry Nicol, Janice Silva, Raymond H., Sandra Garrett, Walter Talbot, Betty Burst, Ronny Hearn, Martha Geraci.
Row 2: Dick McFarland, Bonnie Gavey, Eugene Nakamura, Marily Gander, Wendell Bruce, Judy Wendelen, Richard E., Sharys Renyer, Bill Sherry.
Row 3: Marcia B., John T., Phyllis Godfrey, Stephen Stebbins, Portia Pyle, Bobby B., Pam Stroble, Rick M., Marjorie L.
Row 4: Larry G., Charlene Paris, Ronny P., Richard Johnson, Joy Molden, Richard Barthal - - - - - - -return to top of page